Simple Cold Smoker (Uses Wood Shavings)

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Material: Stainless Steel

Great for hot or cold smoking salmon, bacon, eggs, cheese, butter, and much more

Can be used with almost any grill or smoker

This style of cold smoke generator looks like a maze. In essence you fill the mesh channel with wood shavings, light the tea light candle at the outer end which in turn gets the wood shavings to smoulder.

Once the wood shavings have taken light then you extinguish the candle and inch by inch the shavings smoulder and release smoke.

Long burn time. You can get about 10 hours smoke out of one fill of the maze (100g of dust) which means that the running cost is approx £0.16 / hour

Any sign of dampness in your wood dust can cause the cold smoke generator to extinguish mid way through a smoker and there\'s clearly no alarm to let you know! Your wood dust must be dry,

try putting the dust overnight in a warming oven prior to smoking if you\'re concerned about damp.

Their shavings may be more like a finer dust

You may not be able to guarantee purity of the wood

If produced by chainsaw then they could be contaminated with chainsaw oil and so taint the flavour of you food.

The burning tea light candle can emit a surprising amount of heat and depending on the insulation of your smoke chamber and the ambient temperature you can easily take the chamber over 30°C.

Finally, you have to extinguish the candle once the shavings have taken and to do this you must remove the candle from the smoker otherwise you'll risk tainting your food if you just simply blow it out.